weTrade Superhero Program (Beta)


weTrade is an innovative cryptocurrency platform that aspires to become India’s most rewarding and user-friendly application, where users profit at every stage of their cryptocurrency journey.

The brand aims to play a key role in making India more crypto-friendly. weTrade utilizes cutting-edge technology solutions to offer robust security measures and a seamless user experience.

We are on our mission to simplify the entire crypto ecosystem to make it beneficial and rewarding for the users. We invite crypto enthusiasts in the country to be a part of our success story.


You are the ideal candidate for the program if you satisfy any of the following criteria.

  • A crypto enthusiast with an established community (The number of community members/ channel subscribers/ follower count will be a deciding factor for final selection)
  • A cryptocurrency content creator capable of educating others about crypto through your content. (A quality portfolio is an added point)


  1. The primary responsibility is to enlighten your community about crypto.
  • Basic to advanced lessons on cryptocurrency and their use cases
  • Providing information to become a successful crypto trader/ investor
  • Do’s and Don’t in the crypto investment journey
  • Subjects related to cryptocurrencies and related niches which help the community to grow

2. Educate about the innovation and advantages that weTrade brings into the crypto ecosystem, as doing so will benefit a large number of crypto users.

The ultimate aim of a superhero is to expand the community. Try to create maximum community engagement, and help with their questions or issues related to crypto. Let the innovations on crypto grow.


  • You will not sell crypto. The program is all about education and learning
  • Trade recommendation: Trade recommendations on the name of this program will not be permitted. Any candidate doing so will be terminated without warning.


A. Online Education / Awareness:

  1. Create educational content on crypto and weTrade and post it on your social media channels and following formats of content such as:
  • Videos
  • Memes
  • Infographics
  • Posters
  • Articles
  • Instagram reels

2. Answer questions about crypto in Quora, Medium…etc

3. Help other superheroes by sharing their content. Follow them and promote their content as well to increase their reach.

4. Bring more crypto enthusiasts and creators to weTrade from your circle. More creators get benefit from the program.

5. Conduct webinars and live sessions on crypto and allied niches.

6. Actively participate in the online discussion about crypto (Telegram, Discord, Youtube, Twitter..etc.)

7. Share your achievements and engagements on social media.

B. Offline Education

  • Organize crypto meet-ups and workshops in your area as necessary
  • Reach out to certain areas and help them learn crypto
  • Conduct sessions in colleges or similar areas to motivate young India to crypto and help them learn the right way to make the right decisions


  • You will get cash and other rewards for your efforts that add value to our ecosystem and you can earn as much as you are willing to go for. More details of the reward will be shared after onboarding a superhero.
  • You will get a chance to communicate with weTrade officials and crypto, who can guide you through the program, and you can learn more from them.
  • Training Material from weTrade
  • Quality and informative content from superheroes will be posted on our Social Media Pages.
  • Represent weTrade in events and workshops as appropriate


  • To apply for this program, click HERE and submit your details.
  • You will hear back from us within 2 to 3 days of the application.

We thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you soon :)

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