Crypto Basic — VI

How do I buy Cryptocurrency from weTrade?

Buying cryptocurrency is easy now with modern applications like weTrade.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can buy cryptocurrency at weTrade:

  1. Download and install weTrade from here and sign up with your Mobile number, Gmail account or Social login.

2. Open the app to complete your KYC which takes less than 30 seconds and enter these details:

  • Your Aadhaar number
  • PAN Card

3. Once you have entered these documents correctly, allow the camera to capture your picture and complete your selfie verification with a blink of your eyes.

Now you are done with the initial KYC process and are ready for your investment.

4. To buy a crypto token, you must deposit money from your bank account to weTrade. Simply click on Add Money button in the portfolio section to do that.

Once your money is credited to your wallet, select your favourite crypto token from the Buy/Sell section.

5. Once you select your coin, initiate a buy order which is completely Free of transaction charges that can be completed within a single swipe.

You will receive 1% cashback instantly to your wallet as a reward once you complete your transaction :)

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