Crypto Basic — V

Top 5 reasons why you should invest in Cryptocurrency

  1. Emerging Technology

Cryptocurrency has been here since 2009. From the beginning, it has been growing and expanding its footprints to different niches. It is now used for DeFi, Play and Earn games, Metaverse, Web3, Virtual real estate, NFT, and many more. Crypto will gain value over time.

2. Huge Returns

Cryptocurrency is volatile, but if you are investing at the beginning of an upward move, crypto will give you a handful of returns. Some coins like Doge, Polygon, and Cardano have given 10x return in a year.

3. Control Over Your Investment

Cryptocurrency is decentralized and transparent. The government and other centralized institutions haven’t got any control over crypto tokens. Hence, you have complete control to invest and withdraw at any time.

4. Deflationary assets

Most tokens like BTC, LTC, and Polygon are deflationary, meaning they have a fixed supply. Hence, the demand for the token increases over time. The price of token increases when the demand increases.

5. Liquidity

Cryptocurrency has a reliable working mechanism and high liquidity. You can directly transfer your tokens to another person without any third-party involvement. Moreover, crypto is a 24*7 market in which you can buy and sell an asset at your convenient time. You can withdraw your investment anytime without waiting for a third party’s approval.

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